And SaralMarket journey begins!

Ever spoken to a fruit retailer as to how he procures stock to his shop for selling? The process isn’t as simple as for a television retailer, who can procure stock just by looking at the catalogue making a phone call, and it is delivered to his shop.

A fruit retailer has to travel to wholesale fruit market, scan hundreds hundreds of shop, negotiate prices, manage handling and logistics all by themselves. Then rush back to open the shop. And this process has to repeated everyday.

Why can’t a fruit retailer select and procure stock as easily as a television retailer? We want to fix this, using technology. That’s the vision and mission.

After studying Mumbai’s APMC Fruit in Vashi thoroughly, we started the real work. We are scanning the complete market, sharing photos of fruits (only imported and some well packed Indian fruits) along with price and origin regions with connected fruit retailers early morning, everyday over WhatsApp.

Cherry from Shimla Mangosteen, Thailand Rambutan, Thailand Dragon Fruit

Today we received our first order from a fruit retailer in Gondia, order bill Rs. 10660. And thus, SaralMarket journey begins…